Wildlife and Eco Tour in Bihar :

Deer - Visit Bihar TourBihar rich and diverse wildlife is preserved and concentrated in its natural treasure-houses in form of its protected area. The protected area network in Bihar covers an area of 3368.4 sq. km, which included one national park and 12 wildlife sanctuaries. The habitats of the wildlife are concentrated in the Northern and Southern fringes of the state boundaries, neighboring Nepal on the North and Jharkhand in the South. Some historical references of the past and associations from ancient days to recent past are noteworthy. “In Patliputra (present Patna) emperor Ashok had adopted theElephant Tour - Visit Bihar Lion for his royal emblem confirming that the home range of Lions were up to Bihar. The Raja of Gidhaur had shot white tiger in Lacchuar Forests near Jamui four decades back. The Black Buck of Kaimur and Bhojpur, the Blue Bull (Neelgai) in Buxar Diara and Golden Orioles in Purnea has been abundant in recent past and some places still sustain their populations. It is difficult to believe that the Katihar sub-division was a sportsman’s paradise where Tigers were quite common. The Bettiah forest had local Rhinocerous population. The tract of Purnea were inhabited by wild Buffaloes. The Pink headed Duck i.e Gulabsir now extinct was founded in Darbhanga as recent as 1935. The Asian Cheetah once roamed the tracts of Bihar.

Our National Park , Wildlife Sanctuary and Wetlands make Bihar a perfect sport for wildlife lovers. Valmikinagar National Park, Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary, Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary, Kawar Lake with others wetlands are some of the prominent ecological points that need to be explored by any tourist.

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Valmiki Nagar Tiger Reserve :

valmikinagar - visitbiharThe Valmiki Tiger Reserve comprises of the Valmiki National Park and the Valmiki Wild Sanctuary with total area of the reserve is 880 sq km. The national park gets its name from Valmiki Nagar, a small town located within the forest area. Due to dense forest cover in the region, the only entrance to the tiger reserve is through the town of Valmiki Nagar. The tiger reserve borders the well known forest named Chitwan National Park across the border in Nepal.VTR Logo-Visit Bihar

There are two rivers that flow through the park – Gandak and Masan River. The Gandak River with the Himalayan range in the distance offers a great view and is a haven for photographers. There is a healthy diversity of animals that are an icon of Forest River Tour by Visit BiharBihar wildlife. The species of animals that dwell in the park includes the wild dogs, hog deer, jungle cats, Indian civets, hyenas, leopards, nilgais, sambars, chitals, peafowl, python, leopard, wolf, sloth bear, black buck, Tiger, and other species of deer. Among all of them only two different species that migrate from the Royal Chitwan Park to Valmiki nagar are the Indian bison and one horned rhinoceros. The Valmiki National Park appeals a good amount of voyagers who desire to spot the tiger altogether for its glory. People who are adventure aficionado and nature lover this is the perfect place where they can experience their memorable trip in Bihar.

Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary :

Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the southern part of Bihar. It is spread over 1504.96 sq km in Rohtas andDeer in Betla National Park Kaimur districts. There are mainly Tropical Dry Deciduous forests and forest type of Dry Sal forest, open mixed deciduous forests and with some edaphic sub types e.g. Bamboo and Salai forests and scrubs. These wildlife sanctuaries have Chinkara, Black Buck, Nilgai, Langur, Python Snake, Wolf, Jackal and Leopard. There is a forest guest house in Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary and a hotel in Mohania for easy stay during wildlife tour. Contact us for personalized wildlife tour to Kaimur Sanctuary.

Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary :

National Park Tour by Visit BiharBhimbandh is located in the south west of Munger district. The forest covers an area of 682 sq kms. It is situated around 200 kms from Patna. The forest is located in the famous Kharagpur hill range; south of river Ganga to northern boundary of Chhotanagpur plateau and west of Santhal Pargana. In the valley portions and at the foothills are several hot springs of which the finest are at Bhimbandh, Sita Kund and Rishi Kund. The Bhimbandh springs temperatures from 52 degree centigrade to 65 degree centigrade. There are number of places of tourist interest nearby the sanctuary like Rishi Kund, Sita Kund, Ha-Ha Punch Kumari, Rameshwar Kund, Kharagpur Lake etc. The nearest railway station is Jamalpur.

Kawar Lake :

This is Bihar most important natural wetland. Situated some 20 km north of Begusarai town. It is probably theMigratory Birds - Visit Bihar Eco Tour largest fresh water wetlands in Asia. It has beem described as “Dream Spot” by the great ornithologist the late Salim Ali. He once called Kanwar lake as three times the big cousin of the Bharatpur Sanctuary. The migratory birds from Central Asia, Siberia, Tibet and other parts traverse thousand kilometers across the Great Himalayas in search of Food and Warmth in the winter months. This notified bird sanctuary spread over an area of 63 sq km which has a dense forest cover.

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Udaipur Sanctuary :

Great Gandak Tour by Visit BiharIt is locally known as Saryaman is situated in the floodplains of Gandak river in West Champaran near district town of Bettiah. It is an Ox-bow lake surrounded by mixed forests. The decomposing seeds from the Jamun trees surrounding the lake have imparted medicinal properties to the water. Spotted deer, Barking deer, Hog deer, Python, Migratory birds, several fish are founded here.


Nagi Dam and Nakti Dam Bird Sanctuaries :

These both sanctuaries situated in the district of Jamui are two artificial waterbodies created by damming of river Dam - Visit BiharNagi and Nakti which in course of time became habitats for water birds and migratory birds flocking in large numbers during winters. These have dry habitat with rocky hills in the neighborhood attracting other species of Bird.

Kanwar lake - Visit Bihar TourKusheshwarsthan in Darbhanga and Baraila Salim Ali Jhubba Sahni Bird Sanctuary in Vaishali are the other two freshwater wetlands of North Bihar having unique features for water birds and associated aquatic flora and fauna. These bowl shaped depression in the natural levees of rivers and undulating backwater create the landscapes due to prolong flooding. These are home to large number of resident and migratory birds along with mammals, fish, insects, reptiles etc. Our special wildlife package tour to Baraila Wetlands attract many tourist in this region.

Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary

It was established as a tourist attraction on the lines of Whale and Dolphin watching centre in Canada and Japan and prGanga - Visit Biharotect the endangered Gangetic Dolphins. The Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary in Bhagalpur district of Bihar is the only such sanctuary in Asia for the conservation of Gangetic dolphins.

Once found easily in Ganga, today only 1500 Gangetic dolphins are left in the world. The half of them can be found at the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, which is located in Bhagalpur district of Bihar in India.

The sanctuary is a 50km stretch of the river Ganga from Sultanganj to Kahalgaon. Gangetic Dolphins are the majorDolphin Sanctuary - Visit Bihar attraction of the sanctuary. This is a perfect place to watch dolphins. Vikramshila is one of the few dolphin tourism spots in India. Take the boat ride in the 50km stretch of the Vikramshila sanctuary and you will definitely come across several Gangetic dolphins in the region.

There is plenty of other wildlife too at the Vikramshila. Tourists will come across several species of freshwater turtles, waterfowl, otter and Gavialis gangeticus on their visit to the sanctuary.


Kakolat Waterfall :

Waterfall in Bihar - Visit BiharThis waterfall is situated in Nawada district of Bihar state. Half of the Nawada district’s land is surrounded by forests and hills and several important places among of them Kakolat falls offer a panoramic and pleasant natural sight to the tourists visiting Nawada.

Kakolat falls is a popular waterfall of Bihar that attracts people from different parts of the country for picnicking in the summer, water here falls from approximately 150 ft above the ground level into a well maintained pond. It is surrounded by lush green forests, which adds to its beauty.Kakolat Waterfall - Visit Bihar

This is the place which, according to the legend, was visited by the great Pandavas during exile. Also, a mythological king, cursed by a saint to take the shape of python, got salvation after bathing in the water here. Having got rid of the curse, the king proclaimed that those who would take a bath in the waterfall would never be reborn as a snake. A large number of people from far and near make it a point to take a bath under the falls due to this belief. One more thing that water is flowing with touch of lots of medicinal plant which is fruitful for health.

We also have exciting tour package for Bhimbandh Sanctuary (Munger), Pant Sanctuary (Nalanda), Gautam Buddha Sanctuary (Gaya), Tutala Waterfall (18 km from Sasaram), .

Elephant Safari Tour by Visit BiharEven in the face of extreme pressure for other land resources, the state of Bihar has declared more than 50% of the forest area as protected areas, which is highest in the country. The Tiger of Bettiah, the Chinkara and Black Buck of Buxar-Bhojpur diara, Greater Adjutant Stork of Gangetic plains in Bhagalpur neighbourhoods,Python in Visit Bihar Tour the Gharial of Gandak river system, the Openbilled Stork of Danapur Cantonment area, Peafowl of Madhopur Govind village near Chakia in East Champaran, The Gangetic Dolphin of Ganga, The Indian Egg eating snake of Purnea are vestiges of the rich diversity of fauna in state of Bihar.

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