The Hilly Retreat or The ancient capital of Magadha Kings – RAJGIR; host colorful festival of dances and music during the last week of December every year. This festival is known as Rajgir Mahotsav. This three day festival comes up with vibrant classical and folk art and culture performances. The live performance by artist in ancient Magadha capital gives Rajgir Mahotsav an ultimate destination for the connoisseurs of Indian Cultural form of expression of the self.

During Rajgir Mahotsav a visitors got chance to see variety of events. Rajgir host artisans from all across country with their traditional handicrafts. Every day Classical music and dances are performed by well renowned artists. The occasion is almost as a carnival. We at Visit Bihar operate tours during Rajgir Mahotsav. Our tours cover the live artistic performance in the Event programs with guided tour to historic city of Rajagriha or Rajgir.

Event during Rajgir Mahotsav

  •  Classical Dance and Music,
  • Folk Dance and Music,
  • Bollywood Singers,
  • Handicraft Stalls
  • Tonga Race
  • Wrestling
  • Local Cuisines and Many More

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