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Jain/Tirthankar Circuit Tour in Bihar

 The Cradle of luminous Jain Spiritual souls lies in Bihar. Bihar is the sacred destination as the birthplace of the 12th Tirthankar “Vasupujya” and 24th Tirthankar Mahavira. Their non-violent ascetic path became very popular and become one of the prominent religions of India. According to Jain tradition Vardhaman Mahavira was born at the locality called Kundpura in the city of Vaishali in North Bihar and died at Pawapuri (near Rajgir) and left behind a rich legacy and some beautiful temples. In today world a tourist may explore the places associated with the life and preaching of Vardhaman Mahavira and other Jain Tirthankar in Bihar.

Places associates with Jain Circuit :


The 24th Tirthankara Mahavira is believed to have attained Nirvana at Pawapuri. The temple is also famous as Jal Mandir. The marvelous white marble temple seems floating in the middle of a magnificent blooming lotus lake. The long walk over the causeway that connects the temples with the main land is a mesmerizing experience with the blooming pink-white large lotuses and the chirping water birds wading around making the atmosphere utterly divine.

Samosaran :

It is believe that 24th the last Tirthankara Mahavira delivered the first and last sermon to his disciples. Now a day a white marble conical shaped shrine with a large flight of steps stands in the middle of the white marble yard gives an impression of climbing a mystic mountain. The holy idol and foot-print of Lord Mahavira is temple of Samosaran.

Rajgir :

Rajgir is famous health resort and equally import in Jain philosophy. As Rajgir is situated between five hills and Jain temples are situated in every hilltop. Rajgir is said to be very close relation with Jain Culture and mythology. Son Bhandar, Veerayatan, Maniyar Math, Kundalpur are some of the sacred places situated in this region.

Vaishali :

Vaishali is one of the most ancient and famous sites in India. It has been identified with the modern village of Basarh as the birth place of Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism (599-527 BC). Vaishali figures prominently in Jain Literatures. The Jain, both Swetambars and Digambars state that Vardhamana Mahavir was the son of Siddhartha of “Kundpura” or “Kundgrama”, a suburb of Vaishali. A modern temple is constructed in Vaishali which attract tourist from different part of world.

Champanagar :

The city of Champa, as capital of ancient kingdom of Anga is found frequently mentioned in ancient India Literature. King Karna of the Mahabharat is said to have ruled from here. A western suburb of the Bhagalpur town is present known as Champanagar. In Kalpa-sutra champa is mentioned as one of the place where Tirthankar Mahavira stayed for three rainy seasons in the course of his religious wanderings. According to Jain manuscript “Vasupujya” (12th Jain Tirthankar) is said to be born at Champanagar and achieved all five “Sanskaras” as per Jain prevalent. Now a day this place is International center of Jainism.

Mandar Hills :

Situated at 700 ft isolated hill of Mandar is said to be the Nirvana place of 12th Jain Tirthankar Vasupujya Ji. A Jain temple is built at the top of this hill to commemorate the sacred event. There are two image, one is of red stone and second is of bronze. People from different part of world come to this place to worship the path of Jainism.

Lacchaur :

Lacchaur is situated about 7 kms south of Sikandara in Jamui district. Two Jain Temples, known as “Muth Buddhroop” and “Muth Purusnath” situated some 5kms south of the village in a picturesque valley between two parallel ranges of hills. Some Jains hold Lacchaur to be the birth place of Lord Mahavira Swamin, the 24th Tirthankara of Jains.

Parasnath Hill, Madhuban :

Untold is the importance of the Parasnath Hill to the Jains, for 19th out of the total 24th Tirthankar’s attained their Nirvana here. The Parasnath hill top with the temples in sylvan setting, is a charming spot.

Kamaldah :

In the area called Kamaldah in Patna is a high mound of brick ruins on which stand two Jain temples of medieval period. On one of them is an inscription dated 1792 AD which records that the temple was constructed by the whole congregation living at “Patliputra” and dedicated to Sri Sthulabhadra. These temple are considered to be very sacred pilgrim centers for the Jains.

Bisram :

It is said that lord Mahavira, the last Jain Tirthankar, took rest for some time at this place during his wanderings. Hence this place is called Bisram (rest). The Jain from every part of the country visit this place throughout the year. The temple contains an idol of the Lord Mahavira. There are about 45 jain Temples at Arrah.

Masar :

The village is situated about 9 kms south west of Arrah town. There is an ancient Jain temple dedicated to Parsvanatha and contains eight images, some of which belong to 1386 AD and temple was completed in the year 1819 AD, as seen from the inscriptions on each of them. Annual pooja at this temple takes place in the month of Shravana when thousand of Jains visit this place and do their Prayer/Bandana.

We at Visit Bihar offer you a set of tour itinerary by which you may explore the path and theology of Jainism.

Tour Itinerary: 

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