Bihar has often called a holy or sacred land because from the earliest time of recorded civilization great religious teachers and holy men made this land their home. This is where the seeds of the first republic were sown and the first democracy evolved from it. Great wise and learned men helped spread knowledge and enlightenment across India and World. Today most of these places have kept the great traditions alive and are a treat for both the devout and the traveler seeking different experiences. We at “Visit Bihar” have good set of professional who help you to design and plan your enlightenment tour to Bihar.

For getting handy tour experience we are segregate Bihar tour in circuits to offer more and more in-depth experience of Bihar during your tour.


Buddhist Circuit


Jain/Tirthankar Circuit


⇒ Sufi Circuit


⇒ Gandhi Circuit


⇒ Sikh Circuit


⇒ Ramayana Circuit

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