Siwan is known for its ancient temples. A large number of devotees assemble at Mehdat temple or Anand Bagh Math and Sunder Bagh Math. People also gather at Faridpur to have a glimpse of Ashiana, the house of Maulana Mazharul Haq, an eminent Bihari who stood for Hindu- Muslim unity. This is also place of India’s first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad.


Places to Visit : Siwan is well known for Hindu – Muslim unity which is started from early stage of Indian Independent. In- around district there are many place which is visited by both Hindu and Muslim. The famous place to visit are :

 Zeeradei : it is situated about 13 kms from district headquarter and birth place of Bharat Ratran Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Anand Bagh Math & Sunder Bagh Math : These two temples are in fact “|Samadhi Sthals” of two renowned saints, Swami Jaggannath Dasji and his guru Bhagvan Dasji. Both the temples are located near the Daha river, and thousand of devotees visit these temples every year.

Mahendra Nath Temple : it si situated about 32 km south of Siwan district. This siva temple is constructed by Nepal King named – Mahendra Nath. According to folklore, thousand of year back king got rid from his long desises of Leprosy in a small ditch of muddy water. The ditch, he bathed in, has since been converted into a huge pond and local people still believe one can get rid of skin diseases after a bath in it.

Apart from these famous and reliogus places there are some more places which attract tourist from all over country; these places are Raghunathpur (Place where Lord Rama have taken rest after killing demon Tarka near Buxar) Panchmukhi Shivalinga (Situated in Siwan town, this old temple have “Panchmukhi” or five-faced Shivalinga)


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