Saran is one of the oldest and biggest districts of Bihar. It is the place where ‘Dutch’ established their trade in Chhapra (district headquarter of Saran). Saran district with its HQ at Chhapra was one of the biggest and oldest districts of Bihar. The meaning of the word “Saran” corresponds to “Asylum” or “refuge” in English. Chinese traveler Xuanzang also refers to saran in his memories. By 1666, the dutch established their trade in Salpetre at Chhapra. Prior to 1905, Saran was part of Bengal, Orissa and Assam. Saran is lot for a religious tourist, once can see the places which are highly related with Hindus and Sufi’s. These Places are Dharmanath temple, Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and Peerbaba Ka Mazar.


Places to Visit :

Aami : Local believe that this place is where Maharaja Daksha and King Surat practiced asceticism. This place has been also famous for one of the Sakti Pith of Godess Durga.

Nepali Mandir : About nine km west of Hajipur, on the confluence of the Ganga and Gandak rivers is situated this unique wooden Shiva temple. This temple is constructed in late 18th century by on eof the army commanders of Nepal, the temple brings in a fresh Pagoda style architecture of the Himalayan Kingdom to the plains iof the Ganga. This temple is largely built by woods and fine carving on it which includes generous erotic scenes. Both in style and finish, the temple is quite singular and unique in Bihar.

Hariharnath Temple : The origin of the Shiva temple at Sonepur, known as Hariharnath Mandir. Orthodox comes that this temple is built by Lord Rama on his way to Janakpur to win Sita. History shows that Raja Ram Narain, a noted figure of Bihar during Mugal period , built the present temple. The temple was recently reconstructed by the Birlas. The temple of Hariharnath Mahadeo is principla place of worship with several small temple in premise. During Sonepur Fair lacks of devotees come and perform Puja at the temple.

Sonepur : Sonepur is situated at the confluence of holy rivers Ganga and Gandak, the place is important because it was here that Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are said to have resolved the fight between Gaj (elephant) and Grah (crocodile). Worlds famous Harihar Kshetra Mela, organised every year at this place, has been the center of attraction for domestic and foreign visitors for several years. This place is about 50 km east of Chhapra town and 30 kms from Patna.

Chirand : it is situated 10 km east of Chhapra. The discovery of Neolithic culture in 1970 in the Ganga Valley was very significant as till then no Neolithic signs had been found in course of archeological excavations in northern India. In chirand, we have for the first time a Neolithic complex in low-lying plains with monsoon climate.

The Harihar Kshetra Mela or Sonepur Cattle fair and the Godhna Semaria Mela at Revelganj are famous fair in this region.

A part from these places Silhori, Revelganj are some places which takes equal importance in Hindu mythology and many devotees visited these places all time of year.


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