Ramayana Circuit

Ramayana Circuit in Bihar 

Bihar is an ancient land where the mythological King Janak of Videha, Ramayana famed Maharishi Valmiki and Goddess Sita resided. It is said that the Epic Ramayana was written by Rishi Valmiki and believed to have been born in the northern region of Bihar, known as Valmiki Nagar. Since the origination of the epic took in this region, there are quite a few places that have been linked with myths of the events narrated in the Epic. The Hindus regards these places with reverence and visits as pilgrimages. These places are :


Janakpur, the erstwhile capital of Mithila, is scared place in Epic Ramayana. It is said that the marriage of Rama and Sita has been solemnized in this place. One can see the magnificent “Ram-Janaki” temple here along with many others temples related to Lord Rama and Goddess Sita or Janaki.

Punaura Dham 

About 3 km west of Sitamarhi town and located on the bank of Lakhaioi river, is believed to be the birthplace of Sita. The myth goes as the King Janak who ruled Mithila was plough the field to perform a ritual to overcome the draught that threatened the region of Mithila, a pot that carried Sita below the earth surface broke and thus Sita was discovered.


The present-day Sitamarhi was previously known as “Sitamahi” or the “Land of Sita”. On way to Ayodhya after her marriage with Rama, Sita had reportedly stopped at this place. A magnificent temple stands here today. Lakhs of devotees visit the temple during Ramnavami Celebrations in April month of every year.

Panth Pakar (Sitamarhi)

An age old banyan tree still stands here about 8 kms North-East of Sitamarhi. It is said that when Sita left Janakpur in a Palanquin for Ayodhya after the marriage to Shri Ram, she was given rest for a while under this very banyan tree.

Ramchaura (Vaishali):

The place is situated in Vaishali block, where a fair is held every year on Ram Nawami day. the local tradition has it that lord Ram Chandra had a stopover here for a bath on his way to Janakpur. There are some marks on stone, which are said to be his footprints.

Phullahar (Madhubani)

Phullahar is situated about 6 km west of the block headquarters at Umgaon, Madhubani District. The village contains the temple of Goddess Girija. It is said that Sita, the daughter of king Janak, used to come here every day to worship the Goddess. Lord Rama saw her for the first time at this place.

Ahilya Asthan

A very important incident in Ramayana is about Ahilya, the wife of Sage Gautam who cursed his wife and she turned into stone and waited for ages for Ram’s touch to come alive again. The story goes as Ram was going to Janakpur his feet touched the stone and Ahilya become alive out of it. Now a day temple is situated in Ahilya Asthan which is 24 km north of Darbhanga town.

Valmiki Nagar

This is the place where Rishi Valmiki had his “ashram”. It was at this “Ashram” Sita took shelter after she was abandoned by her husband – Lord Rama. It was here that the two sons of Rama and Sita, Lav and Kush, were born. This place has tremendous significance for Hindus.

Chanki Garh (West Champaran)

Also known as Janaki Garh, this village is situated about 9 kms East of Ram Nagar Railway Station. There is a large mound in the eastern part of the village. It is a mass of solid brickwork and is 90’ high. It was probably originally a Fort and the remains of fortification can still be seen. The local tradition asserts that it was a Fort of king Janak.

Ram Rekha Ghat

It is situated in town of Buxur and folklore that Lord Rama and his brothers along with their teacher Rishi Vishwamitra crossed the river to reach Janakpur to take part in the event of Sita’s Sayambar Ceremony (the public ceremony of Sita’s Marriage).


This place is known as the spot where Lord Rama Killed the Tarka demon who terrorized the people around. The tank situated in the village is popular as the wrestling ground of the demon. This place is situated about 10 kms North West of Piro in Bhojpur region.

Kako (Jehanabad)

Situated 10 km distance from Jehanabad Town. According to legends, Lord Ramchandra mother, Rani Kekaiy of Ayodhya lived here for some time and the village took its name after her. The village has also a tomb of Hazarat Bibi, Kamal Sahiba; a great muslim lady saint

Sita Kund (Munger)

A village about 6 Kms East of the Munger town contains a hot spring known as the Sita Kund spring, which is so called after the well known episode of Ramayan. Ram, after rescuing his wife Sita from the demon king Ravan, suspected that she could not have maintained her honor intact, and Sita, to prove her chastity, agreed to enter a blazing fire. She came out of the fiery or deal unscathed, and imparted to the pool in which she bathed, the heat she had absorbed from the fire. The hot spring is now enclosed in a masonry reservoir and is visited by large number of pilgrims, especially at the full moon of Magh.


This place is located in Jamui district of Bihar and said that Jatayu, the legendary gigantic bird, staged a brave combat while Ravana was abducting Rama’s helpless wife Sita. The hill is situated about 13 km south of Jamui, there is a temple of Lord Shiva, which draws big crowds on the occasion of Shivratri and Maghi Purnima.

There are some other places like Gaya, Aurangabad, Munger related to Godess Sita and the epic Ramayana and have worth seeing by the devotees.

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