Nawada is a place of historical and mythological significance. Half of the Nawada district’s land is surrounded by forests and hills and several important places. Nawada is situated on the national highway-31 on Patna-Ranchi main road, about 120 km away from Bihar capital Patna. The legand has it that Nawada was visited by Pandavas of the Mahabharata fame during their exile.


Places to Visit :

Nardah Museum : This Museum is one of the prominent museums of Bihar with a very rich collection of ancient artifacts adorning its shelves. Several statues and coins of the Mauryan, Sunga, Pala and Mughal eras have been preserved at this Museum, opened in 1973 soon after Nawada was carved out of Gaya as a separate district.

Sarvodaya Ashram : This Ashram is situated 55 km away from the district HQ and is located in the forest at Shekhodeora village. And this Ashram, established by Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan. Endowed with very natural and scenic beauty, the place had been a home of J.P for quite some time.

Sitamarhi Cave : The Sitamarhi Cave is situated in a remote part of the district, about 30 km from the district HQ on the Gaya-Nawada main road. The cave is about 16ft long and 11ft wide.

Handia Sun Temple : This temple, 12 km from Nawada town, is believed to have existed since the ‘Dwapar Age’.The legend has it that the water in the temple is sacred enough to cure leprosy patients.



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