Munger is a town steeped in history. The areas falling under this district are considered a part of the first Aryan settler’s midland. It has been identified with modagiri, a place mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. It was the capital of a kingdom in eastern India near Bhanga and Tamralipta. There is also a mention of Modagiri in the “Digvijay Parva” of the Mahabharata, which seems to be the same as Modagiri.

A copper plate known as the ‘Munger Plate’ was discovered in Munger way back in 1780. Mir Kasim conquered Munger and made it his capital till the army of East India Company captured Munger. Mir Kasim had to flee through a tunnel made along the bank of river Ganga near Kastharni Ghat.


Places to Visit :

Munger Fort : It is most important monuments in Munger. Built on a rocky eminence projecting into the river Ganga that protects it from west and partly from the north, the other side being defended by a deep moat.

Bihar Yoga Bharti : It is located within the Ganga Darshan Complex in Munger on a powerful energy centre, it is on the top of the hill overlooking the river Ganga.

Sita Kund : It is a hot water spring, the water of which cools only for an hour on the day of Maaghi Purnima. But no one knows at what time the water cools.

Red Fort : It is a historic fort, similar to the Red Fort of Delhi and Agra. It has original bricks and ancient structure but it is bereft of its original tower clock which got dismantled during 1934 earthquake.

Chandisthan : It is a small temple situated in cave of a hillock on the northern flank of river Ganga. A large number of devotees worship here. Astrologers and Tantriks from across the country gather here during Navratra in every year for meditation.


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