Bhagalpur is one of the oldest districts of Bihar, located in the eastern part of the state. It is rated among six best silk producing Indian cities, and is still known as ‘Silk City’. Bhagalpuri silk is famous for their softness and durability. Here the river Ganga flows towards north and is, therefore, referred to as “Uttarvahini Ganga”. One of the major industries here is the power generation unit of National Thermal Power Corporation. The power plant is situated at Kahalgaon, approx 30 km from Bhagalpur district HQ.


Places to Visit : There are some areas of religious importance which are located in Bhagalpur district.

  • Kuppa Ghat, which is also known as Mehi Ashram {Saint Maharshi Mehi Das}
  • Jain Temple, it is famous temple of Vaasupujya Bhawan Mahavir Jain
  • Ajgaibinath Temple of Lord Shiva, this temple is visited by lakhs of devotees throughout the year.
  • Ruins of ancient Vikramshila University: The Vikramshila University was founded    by the Pala king Dharmapala around the beginning of 9th AD and became one of the most revered centers for learning Buddhist philosophies, known as Vikramshila Mahavira. It  flourished for four centuries before it was destroyed by the Islamic invaders around 13th century AD.
  • Burhanath Temple, it is also known as Dudheswara Mahadev Temple.
  • Khanqah-e-Shahbazi is important religious place and seminary of the Muslim Community since the Mughal era.

Local Fairs –Bihula-Bishahari puja / Mansa puja., Durga puja, Kali puja are some of the famous fair of the region.


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