Bettiah is a district of west Champaran. The district of West Champaran is spread over an area of 5,229 sq km in the northwest corner of Bihar and is a part of the Tirhut division. Bettiah is 225 km northwest of Patna. It is the birthplace of famous writer Gopal singh Nepali. And mahatma Gandhi started his famous “SATYAGRAHA” from Bettiah.

Bettiah Raj was once a great estate and the two kings, Ujjain Singh and his son Gaj Singh. They received the title of Raja from emperor Shah Jahan in 1628 AD. The last Maharaja was Harendra Singh who died issueless in 1893. He was succeeded by his first wife who died in 1896 and then Maharajan’s junior widow.Maharani Janaki Kaur became a Queen. Valmikinagar Tiger Reserve (60kms from Bettiah) is one of the major attractions for tourists here.

Places to Visit:

There are some areas of historical importance which are located in the Bettiah district and these sites are not far away from Valmiki Tiger reserve.

  •    The Bhitiharawa Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi near Gaunaha in the eastern end.
  •    The Ashokan Pillar (polished stone) at Lauriya.
  •    The Baudh Stupas at Lauriya Nandangarh.
  •    The Ashokan Pillar is also located at Rampurwa.
  •    The Gandhi museum at Motihari, 55km east of bettiah, takes you back in history.

Local Fairs -Hazari cattle fair, held every Dussehara at Bettiah town, was once the biggest cattle fair of Asia. A Dussehara fancy fair is also held at Bettiah during the festival. Triveni mela is held at Valmikinagar in January-february. Sauhadra Mela and devi Sthan Mela , held at Gaunaha, are rural fairs. A Nahan Mela is held at Chanpatia after nine days of Chhath, in November.

Delicacies– ‘Sheek Kawab’ is the most popular item all over the district. It is found at every nook and corner of the region. ‘Taash’ another non-veg item, is also quite popular. Made of mutton as well as chicken. Mircha Chura and Anandi Bhuja- (Roasted Rice) it is one of most favourite items of the people in general and Tharus (|tribes).

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