Barabar is world famous tourist place which attract tourist from all over the world for Buddhisim, Lord Shiva Temple and 5th BC rock cut caves.  Barabar is consists of a group of hills with distinct peaks. The most conspicuous are the peaks known as Murali, Sandagiri and Siddheshwar. These hills are noted for the world-famous seven caves. The Barabar Caves are excavated in the hardest granite with infinite care and the interior surface of all of them contains high polish and is burnished like glass. The credit for unraveling the charm and appeal of the Barabar Hills goes to celebrated British author E M Forsters “A Passage to India”.

There is a temple in Barabar called Siddheshwarnath Temple, this temple is an above 1200 ft and attracted the attention of pilgrims even before the advent of Buddhism.

Places to Visit : 

Below are some places of historical, religious importance which are located in the Barabar Hills and these sites are not far away from Bodhgaya.

7 Rock Cut Caves

Siddheshwarnatrh Temple

Kauva Dol : Kauva Dol is a name of the hill situated in Gaya district and 6 miles east of Bela Railway Station and about a mile south-west of the Barabar Hills. The name literally means ‘crow’s swing’ watch, it is said, is derived from the fact that a huge block of stone was once lying so well balanced on the existing pinnacle of the hill that it used to rock even when a crow alighted on it. The hill is surrounded by ancient Buddhist ruins, Rock cut Hindu and Buddhist sculptures and there are several Muhammedan tombs on this side of the hill built chiefly of pillars and other squared and ornamented stone of some Hindu temples.

On the rocks of the northern and eastern face of the hill are seen carved, rather rudely, numerous figure representing mostly Hindu deities like Hara-Gauri, Mahishasurmardini, Durga, Ganesha etc. The images of the goddess Durga are however, largest in number. A few figures of the seated Buddha are also to be seen.

Local Fairs –To the south east of Barabar cave, a reappear in the sacred spring called “Patal Ganga”, where a bathing festival is held annually on Anant Chaturdashi. Sawan (July – August) is also month when lots of hindu devoties perform worship at Siddheshwar Temple. Now a day, tourism department also operate Barabar Festival (Mahotsav) in the month of September every year.

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