The district of Banka is situated in far south – east of the State Bihar. The eastern and southern border of the district coincides with district Godda of the state – Jharkhand. In west and north east it touches Jamui and Munger district respectively. The old district Bhagalpur is situated in the north side of Banka.

Places to Visit :

Mandar Hill- Mandar hill (Mandar Parvat) is a massive rock of granite. It is Small Mountain situated in Banka district of Bihar. It is 48 km south of Bhagalpur city. This is 700-800 feet high hillock is believed to have served for “Amrit Manthan” (to churn the ocean for procuring nectar) which is referred in the ‘Puranas’.

There is, adjacent to this hill, a pond called “Paapharni”. This holy pond has its own historical significance. It is a place where you can revive yourself after taking a bath in the pond that refreshes mentally and physically. In the middle of the pond is a temple of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. On the top of the hill there are two temples, side by side belonging to Hinduism and Jainism followers.

According to local belief a large town once existed near Mandar hill. It had 88 tanks, 53 roads, 52 markets. Several ruins and remains of ancient and medieval buildings, structures, temples and images and a large number of old tanks and wells lying scattered over a two mile area around the hill and some works of art and architecture on the hill itself testify to its grandeur and history.

 Local Fairs and Delicacies.

Bounsi Mela : A month long Bounsi Mela is organized on the foothills of Mandar every year. National level artist and local folk artist come and perform here.


Best Season to Visit : October to March

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